PR Film

Your Light, built by Hanwha Corporation/E&C

Hanwha Corporation/E&C(Engineering and Construction) has built numerous electric power stations, chemical plants and Refineries in the world, including Jazan Refinery and Terminal Project, Saudi Marafiq Power Plant, Hydrogen-fuel-cell power plant at the Daesan Industrial Complex, etc. We light the world via integrating different high-end engineering technologies.


Global Infra Developer

Connecting people and the world, in harmony with nature, Through the dream of achieving a better world It grows into a construction company that the world pays attention to.

To build a new city for people Building infrastructure and building landmarks Our challenge will never stop. Without being settled in the present, with passion and challenge Exceeding one's own limits About what someone thinks is impossible Don't stop challenging That is the goal we are pursuing.

Design a bigger world.

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