Our Commitments

Social Services

Hanwha Corporation E&C Division has built a strong trust relationship with the local community
based on the Hanwha spirit of ‘Trust and Loyalty’. With its philosophy of ‘Go Further Together’,
we wish to create a world filled with shared values and experiences

Hanwha’s Social Contribution Platform

Key Activities

  • Named after Hanwha Corporation E&C Division's residential brand FORENA, FORENA Library is Hanwha Corporation E&C Division's well-recognized social contribution program to construct libraries in the unused spaces within social welfare facilities.
    These libraries are utilized by people with disabilities who wish for a comfortable reading nook. They also provide a space for interaction for the disabled and other members of the community. The construction, assembling of built-in cabinets, and painting are taken care of by Hanwha Corporation E&C Division's employees and hence it provides construction engineers the opportunity to take part in volunteer work and to share their talents. Employees of Hanwha Corporation E&C Division take part in this volunteer activity with much enthusiasm given the strong sense of pride they have in their job as construction workers.
  • Hanwha Corporation E&C Division and ChildFund Korea are jointly running a program known as Little Master Architects.
    Hanwha Corporation E&C Division utilizes this program to give a taste of the world of architecture and engineering to the curious young minds.
    In this program, teams comprised of Hanwha Corporation E&C Division employees and college student volunteers visit schools or alternatively the children are invited over
    to the company to attend program that lets them explore careers in engineering and architecture, avail mentoring and take part in other fun activities.
  • Hanwha Corporation E&C Division values volunteer work where the participants become a part of the community they serve.
    To promote such immersive voluntary services, rather than a one-time donation or event, Hanwha Corporation E&C Division encourages its employees to participate in
    community volunteer services during their work hours. Through this ‘paid volunteer program’, Hanwha Corporation E&C Division employees serve at various social welfare facilities and provide assistance in the following programs and many more throughout the year.
    - Assisting the elderly who live on their own
    - Supporting those in need during special holiday seasons
    - Making Kimchi to be delivered to those in need
    - Delivering fuel (coal blocks) to those in need
    Not only Hanwha employees, but also their families join in the volunteer services.
  • With a view to raising social contribution funds, Hanwha Corporation E&C Division has started the system of matching grant,
    an advanced fundraising system in which the company makes donations in proportion to employees’ contributions.
    The funds thus generated are allocated to various social services activities in Korea and abroad.
    Most matching grants operate as a 1:1 scheme; however, Hanwha Corporation E&C Division donates not 100%, but 150% of its employees’ contributions, to extend greater
    support to the underprivileged.
    Most matching grants operate as a 1:1 scheme; however, Hanwha Corporation E&C Division donates not 100%, but 150% of its employees’ contributions,
    to extend greater support to the underprivileged.
  • Hanwha Corporation E&C Division, together with the Hanwha Group, has supported various culture and arts programs for a long time.
    Seoul International Fireworks Festival, hosted by the Hanwha Group since 2000, is an example.
    For this festival known for its slogan ‘Sharing Hope through Fireworks’.
    The best experts at Hanwha Corporation E&C Division's Fireworks Team work with their global partners from Japan, USA, China and Italy, to present magnificent fireworks
    that bring joy and a sense of wonder to the citizens of Seoul and everyone who is present. To make the festival even more successful, hundreds of employees at
    Hanwha Corporation E&C Division and other Hanwha affiliates volunteer as festival staff to assist in the program operations as well as the clean up afterwards.
  • The Symphony Festival, sponsored by Hanwha, is a delightful festival of classical music that brings together
    the best symphony orchestras in Korea, coveted for both their talents and fame. Young and rising artists are also
    invited to perform with the symphony orchestras.
    Through the years, the Symphony Festival opened up more opportunities for Korean musicians to perform, boosted the regional symphony orchestras
    to horn their performances, and also encouraged Korean composers to give performances of their newest pieces on stage. Overall, the Symphony Festival can
    proudly state that it contributed to further developing the classical music scene in Korea.
    Hanwha Group’s sole sponsorship of the Symphony Festival is praised as a best practice case in corporate Mecenat activity.
    Hanwha holds a long-standing partnership with the Seoul Arts Center, also praised as an exemplary case of shared growth and partnership between a business
    corporation and the culture & arts community.