Major Projects

New Bismayah City

  • Project name The New Bismayah City project
  • Location Bismayah, Southeast of
    Baghdad, Iraq
  • Construction period 2012.5 - 2027.12
  • Scale Site area 18,300,000㎡,
    Total 100,080 residential units
    and social infra structure
The hope of Iraq,
the symbol
of reconstruction

Hanwha E&C’s New Bismayah City project is the unprecedented effort to build an entire city covering 59 city blocks including 8 towns, community facilities, and over 834 apartment complexes totaling 100,080 units, enough to house more than 600,000 people.

New Bismayah is being built 10km southeast from the capital, Baghdad and is expected to become the hope of the war-torn Iraq and the symbol of its reconstruction. It is also the first and the largest city development project in Iraq’s history while also being the biggest international project ever undertaken by any construction company in Korea.

The project is set to cost 10.1 billion USD (12 trillion KRW) with savings realized by employing the Design-Build Method where Hanwha E&C is exclusively and comprehensively in charge of every aspect of the project including the design, supplies, and construction.

  • Total houses


    Capacity : 600,000 people
    Site area : 18,300,000 m2
    Nine times bigger than Monaco

    Total houses


  • Construction amount

    billion USD

    The first and the largest city
    development project in Iraq’s

    Construction amount

    billion USD

  • Project delivery system

    Design- Build

    Exclusively contracted and
    executed by Hanwha E&C,
    from design to procurement
    and construction

    Project delivery system

    Design- Build

  • PC Plant

    World’s Biggest

    A total of 18 manufacturing plants
    are employed to produce building
    materials, including the world’s
    biggest Precast Concrete (PC) plant

    PC Plant

    World’s Biggest


Planned city with
a strategic design

After scientifically studying the population, city structure, Iraqi culture, and city flow, a strategic design for housing, commercial areas, green space, and public areas was drafted. The new city was designed to provide the most advanced public services with infrastructure for health, welfare, recreational, education, schools, law enforcement, community and even entertainment. Large-scale infrastructures including high-tech water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, a modern road network, sewer lines, power and energy are also being built.

Precast Concrete (PC) method

The PC construction method applied in this project uses pre-assembled factory-transported subsidiary materials such as pillars, beams, slabs, and walls for installation. By expertly applying the PC construction method for mass production and systemization, Hanwha E&C is able to achieve optimal quality control and reduce significant construction time.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) design

To increase the efficiency of design, construction, and maintenance, the BIM design method was used to convert 2D designs into 3D designs for modelling. The BIM design method extensively utilizes various data of the building’s structure, characteristics, and construction variables. This allows everyone involved, including the residents, engineers, constructors, and architects, to better understand the building to minimize errors while maximizing efficiency.


Concrete gallery network
(Utility tunnel)

New Bismayah city has an underground tunnel that surrounds the 20km circumference of the city and its 6-8 lane surface roads. Enclosed within the underground tunnel is the communication network and electrical network. They are designed to safely protect the urban infrastructure while supporting maintenance work such as repairs and network extensions. Having all the telephones and electrical wires underground provide an unimpeded view from inside and outside of the city, thereby improving the city’s aesthetics.


Self-production system for building materials

Hanwha E&C has established 18 building material factories, including the world’s largest PC (Precast Concrete) plant, to produce and supply the key materials for construction. It can stably produce and supply materials such as PC walls, high-strength PHC piles, lightweight ALC blocks, PVC windows and pipes, pedestrian road tiles, asphalt, and ready-mix concrete, to construct the second and third new cities in Iraq.