Residential Construction

Hanwha Corporation E&C Division's residential brand, “FORENA” means connection in Swedish and it embodies Hanwha’s concept of
a new form of residential living space where people are connected to their living environment.
At Hanwha Corporation E&C Division, in line with this concept to connect people,
we’re providing high-end residential spaces interconnected with differentiated products and services.

Beautiful residential building in Seoul


Apartments Portfolio

Hanwha’s premium residential brand, FORENA

In 2019, Hanwha Corporation E&C Division launched its new premium residential brand, FORENA that introduces a new form of residential living. Externally, the FORENA features aesthetic and external consistency in design from entrance to the building’s exteriors that are identifiable and unique to the FORENA brand. Internally, we’re introducing the future of premier residential living - home with everything you need and augmented by a network system leveraging advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. Hanwha Corporation E&C Division has essentially created a new lifestyle, differentiated by unparalleled valued that is not only ahead technologically but also a step ahead of consumer trends. We’re building far more than what customers want, and before they do; we’re building the perfection in living.

A timeless residential masterpiece

FORENA Gwanggyo

Mixed-use Building Portfolio

Improving brand value through differentiated customer service

These premium residences constructed by Hanwha Corporation E&C Division have already becoming landmarks in their region, leading to high expectations for all future FORENA branded residences. To maintain our reputation, Hanwha Corporation E&C Division needs to protect the FORENA brand value by making sure locations are carefully selected, designs remain special, quality is exceptional and customer service is unparalleled. In particular, the level of quality must be uniform across all sites to meet the company’s highest standards for customer satisfaction, while providing differentiated customer service that continues even after move-in. Hanwha Corporation E&C Division’s efforts to ensure the highest customer satisfaction includes support before move-in. The home owner will have the option to employ the services of a special home inspection team who will provide consultation and ensure that the house will be tailored to meet the expectations of the home purchaser prior to move-in.

The symbol of Iraq's reconstruction

New Bismayah City Project

Urban Development Portfolio

Building Korean-style smart cities and urban development projects abroad

Hanwha Corporation E&C Division is continuing its legacy of building cities, as it is now building an entire city in the Bismayah region of Iraq. With expertise and experience from having already built Incheon Eco-Metro City and Daedeok Techno Valley (DTV) in South Korea, the new Bismayah City will be Hanwha Corporation E&C Division’s boldest and biggest project to date. At a cost of more than $10 billion, the new city will consist of 8 towns, 59 street blocks and 834 apartment complexes by the year 2027. By adopting the efficient project delivery system Design-Build, a method in which a single contractor is responsible for the entire project from design to procurement, Hanwha Corporation E&C Division will construct housing for 100,000 households along with all the necessary infrastructure such as roads, underground caverns, electric grids & power lines, all public facilities like schools, hospitals, and water purification plants. The overall design is inspired by the smart cities we built in Korea – well known and highly praised in the Middle East.