Plant Construction

The plant construction business is a high value-added business where resources and energy infrastructure requires
the integration of different high-end engineering technologies.
Hanwha Corporation E&C Division specializes in plant construction and as a global EPC contractor have both domestic and international construction experiences
handling all phases of engineering, procurement, and construction. Our more recent projects are in the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia.

The world's largest phosphoric acid chemical plant

Saudi Umm Wu'al Phosphoric Acid Plant Project (PAP)

Refinery / Chemical Plant Portfolio

Advanced engineering technology in the global plant business

Hanwha Group, including partner companies such as Hanwha Solutions, Hanwha General Chemical, Hanwha Total Petrochemical, and Yeocheon NCC, have been representing Korea's petrochemical business for a long time. Hanwha Corporation E&C Division has been developing its own advanced engineering technology and construction capabilities over time and have applied them to consistently provide our clients with the most technically advanced industrial plants with lasting value. We’re poised to be a global construction leader in the chemical plant industry that includes petrochemicals, oil refining and gas, especially in the Middle East in areas such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Algeria. Hanwha Corporation E&C Division will pioneer new markets and diversify our business portfolios by continuing what we do best - developing unique technologies and using our expertise in the plant construction business.

The massive steam turbine that lights up the world

Saudi Marafiq Power Plant Phase 5&6

Power Plant Portfolio

A global leader planting the world with eco-friendly power

Hanwha Corporation E&C Division is a full service global EPC contractor in the power plant industry. We have many years of experience across all elements of preconstruction, construction, and post construction services that make us uniquely qualified to complete projects to exacting requirements. We’ve successfully completed domestic and international projects with the highest quality control and lowest risk. Some of our projects include thermal power plants in Yeongheung and Taean, cogeneration plants in Gwangmyeong and Yeosu, South Korea, and thermal power plants in Marafiq and Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. We also built the world's first and largest hydrogen fuel cell power plant in Daesan Industrial Complex in the City of Seosan, South Korea. The Daesan plant represents another leap forward in the eco-friendly power generation. Hanwha Corporation E&C Division has also forayed into the nuclear power plant sector and has constructed Shin-Kori Nuclear Power Plant Units 5 and 6 in Korea. Our projects align to our goal to power the world safely, and sustainably with highly efficient, eco-friendly power generation technology.

Sustainable future, solar power

Hanwha Q Cell Jincheon Plant (Addition)

Industrial / Environmental Plant Portfolio

An eco-friendly, forward-thinking company for sustainable growth

At Hanwha Corporation E&C Division, we believe building a sustainable future is a goal our current generation should strive for. It’s why we’re building various high-end industrial plants like our Q Cell’s plant complex in Jincheon that produces eco-friendly solar powered cells. We also have a proven track record building plants that process industrial waste. We’ve built a recovery plant in Ulsan, a recycling plant in Suwon, and an integrated waste disposal complex in Wonju – these plants convert industrial waste into energy, recycles, treats, or incinerates industrial wastes. We’re growing as a corporation and so is our ambition with plans to safeguard our environment and increase value for our customers sustainably for years to come with the only way we know how: through creativity, expertise and open communication with our customers.