Our Commitments

Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

Hanwha Corporation E&C Division believes in mutually beneficial partnerships engaging in fair and transparent
business practices, open communications and various cooperative programs.
And in partnerships, as we do in all our business activities, we believe that to Trust and Loyalty,
our core values, are vital to collaboration.

Keys to a Mutually Beneficial Partnership

  • Foster an ethical
    business culture
  • Strengthen
    communication with
    partner companies
  • Help partner
    help themselves

Foster an ethical business culture

Foster an ethical
business culture

Fair Business
Practice Agreement

We signed an agreement with our
Partners to engage only in
fair business practices as part of our
organization-wide efforts to foster an
ethical business culture for a mutually
beneficial partnership and growth.

Adopted KFTC’s
4 Major Mandates

Hanwha Corporation E&C Division
has adopted 4 important mandates
set by the Korea Fair Trade Commission
(KFTC) in 2007. They are now
part of our standard practices
reflected in the company
regulations and daily operations.

Adhere to a Code of
Ethics and Conduct

Our employees have the
obligation to uphold our reputation
by abiding to the highest standards in
honesty and integrity. This means
adhering to a code of ethics and
conduct and strictly complying to
relevant laws and regulations.

Use Standard Contract
for Subcontracting

Use Korea Fair Trade Commission’s
standard contracts for subcontracting
in the construction sector.

Strengthen communication with partner companies

  • Best Partner Award

    - Reward and incentivize outstanding
    partner companies
    - Promote meetings to increase communi-
    cations under the Group’s management
    values of ‘Go Further Together’
  • Engaged CEO

    Hanwha Corporation E&C Division’s
    CEO will directly meet with the project team
    on-site to quickly and decisively resolve
    any issues, eliminating any potential problems
    early on, and providing a one-stop solution
    for partner companies.
  • Strengthen communications
    with the partner companies

    Overcommunicate, establish a regular
    cadence to meet, increase information-shar-
    ing, exchange ideas & successful tactics for
    growth, and use honesty and trust as
    influencers with partners.
  • External Events

    Partner company employees
    are invited to mountain hiking
    activities and other events as
    part of the effort to encourage
    engagement and provide
    opportunity to meet outside
    the office. Employees learn
    Hanwha’s management values
    that they can ‘Go Further
  • Eagles Baseball

    Employees from
    Hanwha Corporation E&C Division
    and partner companies attend
    baseball games and cheer on the
    Hanwha sponsored Eagles
    Baseball team to partake in the
    ‘One Team, One Goal’ spirit
  • Hanwha Classic
    Symphony Festival

    Partner company employees
    and families are invited to the
    Hanwha Classic Symphony
    Festival, Korea’s most renowned
    classic music event of the year
  • Support Communities,
    Strengthening Partnerships

    Hanwha Corporation E&C Division
    has historically supported various
    sports activities, cultural exhibitions
    and performances that met the needs
    and interests of communities.
    At the same time, these activities
    provided an outlet for employees on
    all sides to meet outside of
    work collaboratively while
    strengthening reciprocity
    in our relationship with partners.

Partner company support

Financial support

Hanwha Corporation E&C Division offers financial support programs for partner
companies who require operating funds.

  • Direct support

    Win-win Loans

    Hanwha Corporation E&C Division direct loan to
    outstanding partner companies
    to be used as operating funds.

  • Mixed support

    Syndicated Loan

    Financial support in the form of
    a loan from both Hanwha Corporation E&C Division
    and a bank.

  • Indirect support

    Unsecured Loan

    Funding based on Hanwha’s
    relationship with partner and
    transaction history. This loan is
    provisioned by a bank.

  • Special support

    Guaranteed Line of Credit

    Line of Credit backed
    by Hanwha Corporation E&C Division to ensure
    a low rate, higher borrowing limit, and better terms.

Other Support
  • Joint government
    R&D projects
  • Global Market entry
  • Business Consulting
  • Job Fair & Career Support
  • Education & Training
  • Bid filtering system
  • Performance bond
    fee waiver
  • Business consultation day