• Green Infra

    Ansan Kakao Data Center

  • Green Infra

    Philippine Arena, World’s largest domed arena

  • Green Infra

    Ulsan Grand Bridge

  • Green Infra

    Galleria Forêt, high-end living representing Seoul

  • Green Infra

    New Bismayah City, the symbol of Iraq's reconstruction

Our Business

Hanwha Corporation E&C Division is a company that builds value and innovative infrastructure all around the world
based on its ability to successfully complete large-scale and complex project
such as building an entire city; constructing chemical plants in the Middle East and North Africa;
and completing various real estate projects in the Americas.

Major Projects

We build with passion and dedication.

Putting forth our best effort, alongside our dedication and passion,
to build the masterpiece of the century.
We introduced you to our masterpieces including an artful landmark,
our new global city, and even large-scale social infrastructure.

  • The first and the largest city
    development project in Iraq,
    a symbol of Iraq’s reconstruction.

    Iraq Bismayah
    New City

  • A magnificent crown of smooth curves
    on the roof, inspired by ancient Greek arenas.

    Philippine Arena

  • The largest entertainment hub
    in Northeast Asia

    Entertainment Resort

  • The last expansion project on
    the Seoul-Busan Highway,
    the main artery of Korea.


  • A timeless, luxury living space representing
    the city of Seoul as a landmark structure.

    Galleria Forêt